Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Aurelia and the house at the top of the hill

She parks the car and reluctantly looks at the house, so many memories; so many feelings overtake her at once. Aurelia knows it is necessary to face the ghosts from the past.

Trembling, she steps out of the car and slowly begins walking. It is a sunny spring day; the wind is gently blowing, like trying to clean with tenderness the negative emotions surrounding her. Slowly she opens the main door; the odor from the house ambushes her at once, hugging her like an old lost comrade. The air is heavy, making it difficult to breathe. Her instinct is howling to leave the place right away.

Suddenly everything is back, all the abuse, the yelling and the cruelty. Bitterness, sadness, hate, revulsion… the list is too long and solves nothing! Breathing deep she reminds herself that she survived, that she is a winner and that she is not who she used to be. Although the past was tough she knows that it taught her to be strong and never to give up. She learnt that there is always a way out, coming back was crucial; she needed to remember. Aurelia wishes she could let go of everything, but she can’t.

She made her decision long ago and nothing is going to change that… Thank God she’s got the house to remind her “Why”.

But then a long forgotten warm feeling takes over her, when she remembers the man she met two months ago. Shall she give another chance to love?

© 2009 Gabriela Abalo Author


Hicham said...

Gabi, only sincere love can erase the pain of the unsincere one.

Gabriela Abalo said...

What will she choose, love or bitterness?

Bunda said...

I loved someone for seven years and only found out I didn't really know her, since then I have not committed to anyone. Its not easy to trust again

Gabriela Abalo said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I wish love will knock at your door once more and that u take the chance... You are a wonderful man and the lady that captures your heart will be a very lucky one.