Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The "B" way

  • Keep trying and you will succeed. Do not give up and enjoy each step you walk. Do not look ahead or back, instead look into where you are at this very moment. Appreciate what you have achieved, acknowledge your progress and celebrate.
  • Value each test and make the most of it, as each of them represents an opportunity to grow and a chance to know yourself better. Remember that we are what we learned and that through awareness comes the understanding and the possibility to change what it is.
  • Do not concentrate on the negative, on what you have not achieved; instead ponder why things are not the way you would like them to be and do something about it. Keep in mind that everything changes, that nothing is permanent and that you have the power to determine the end result.
  • Do not feel unsafe or insecure about how thing will turn up to be. As safety and security do not exist, they are just illusions of our mind to keep us prisoners and afraid of living.
  • Do not seek approval for everything you try, believe in yourself even if the rest of the world is not there to support you. Bear in mind that despite the lack of tangible signs you are where you need to be at exactly that moment.
  • Let patience and persistence be your daily companions, be aware that everything happens for a reason and any attainment achieved without challenge is not an accomplishment.
  • Share your blessings with others, be a humble leader that leads by example. When you look at the positive side of life, encouraging and inspiring others, you are fulfilling your life purpose.
  • Do not be judgmental of others lives, respect them; remember that they are not you and that they have a choice to be who they want to be. Treat others the same way you want to be treated.
  • Do not get attached to things, situations and relations. Learn to let go and open the door to new opportunities and experiences, only then you will grow.
  • Talk, think, act, and observe positively; apply this to everything you and others do. Remember that when you are positive, everything around you becomes positive. You are a powerful being, with your attitude you decide the end result.
  • Do not leave the desires of your heart for later, go for it now. Life is the present moment as later may never be.
  • Love yourself; accept your responsibility for everything that happens to you. Do not blame others, because you are not their victim but your own. Only then you will be able to love unconditionally.
  • Dance, sign, write, paint, talk, laugh, and cry if you want to. Be fully present, do not think too much; follow your heart and nothing will go wrong.
  • Don’t be afraid of love and experience it to its fullest, allowing you heart be. Do so, while keeping in mind that love is not about expectations, attachments, everlasting and ownership.

© 2009 Gabriela Abalo – Author

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Maria said...

Great advise and something I certainly need to rehear over and over again, and then I get it right and then I fall off the wagon and find myself not present and not making the only choice that will serve me right now and that is to be happy.
Doesn't matter how down I am, when I remember that this is how simple it is, it takes me out of darkness and into the light.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I'm printing it out to put on the wall in case I forget these things sometimes.



Sherry said...

What great reminders! If we could practice this every day, we'd be living our bliss. Thank you Gabi for your gift of inspiration.

I love the photograph of the bee!


Gabriela Abalo said...

Thank u dear Maria,

The knowledge is with all of us, but we do need to be remained so as to not to fall into the darkness. Living in the present moment is the secret to happinnes.. so simple and so complicated at the same time ;)

Thanks for stopping by.


Gabriela Abalo said...

Thank u dear Aidan, I'm so happy u like it and that it will get printed and stick on your wall. I'll also do the same, as I sometimes also forget my own philosophy. :)



Gabriela Abalo said...

Thank u dear Sherry,

I do appreciate your continues support.

I love to share with others the insights that work for me, so if even only 1 is enough to provoke a positive change in anyone... then all is worth it!!


Sports Pa Zed said...

A very timely message for me now!!...I was looking for inspiration and here it is. I am so passing this on to the many good people in my life.

So how comes you are full of these pearls of wisdom? have you heard of a Zambian Magazine called Nkhani culture?? Maybe you can post an article there.


Gabriela Abalo said...

Thank u so much for your kind words.
I'm more than happy to know you will pass this post to your friends.


Bunda said...

Thank you Gabi! Words to live by.
Walking through our lives we sometimes get lost and forget happiness is something simply and easily to achieve. Thanks for the reminder!

Two thumbs up on the picture, its amazing!

Gabriela Abalo said...

Thank u dear Bunda,

Happiness is so simple to achieve that we love to complicate it! :)

I'm glad you like the pic, I love it too as it’s one of those we can call "beginner luck".


Edward said...

The B way tips are very motivating. It reminds me of them days we used to sing memorial psalms in sunday school and I think these are important tips that should be braced as a point of reference and possibly sung as memorial ...daily drivers. They offer solutions/comfort in almost all sitiations we find ourselves in the the course of this journey called Life!

Gabriela Abalo said...

Thank u dear Edu,

The tips are all about "embracing who we are" and therefore embracing everything else for "what it is". We should not forget that the solution to all our "problems" are in our hands, we always have the choice ;-)