Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sam’s New Year Master Plan


The end of the year is approaching and the time to write down his New Year’s resolution list has come. Ceremonially Sam gets his special paper, best pen and off he goes to sit on his desk to write it down. With precise detail and determination he effectively enumerates all the I WILLs and I WILL NOTs that will establish without possible doubts: Who he wants to be in New Year!

Sam’s New Year’s Master Plan – The New Me!
  • I will live each moment as if it is the very last
  • I will stop disliking myself, honoring who I am, despite my size and shape and I will eat healthy, exercise often, listening to my soul and body needs.
  • I will look for a more satisfactory work, as money is not everything in life
  • I will stop smoking and drinking
  • I will leave all unhealthy relationships
  • I will smile more, complain less and communicate more often with family and friends
  • I will watch less TV so I can socialize with those around me
  • I will only concentrate on the positive and embrace each challenge with determination
  • I will work less hours and spend more time with my family
  • I will love more, be more open and trust more
  • I will save some money to travel around
  • ……….
Sam finishes the list and with pride hangs it on the fridge so as to keep a constant reminder of the person he wants to become as soon as he kicks goodbye this year.


On the 31st December, with emotion and determination Sam raises his glass free of fears while kissing goodbye the old year and the old Sam. He then welcomes with excitement his new life!


Sam is awakened by the alarm clock, he is late for work again (after overstaying last night watching TV), in a hurry he dresses and runs to the fridge to get his usual breakfast (one diet coke and a chocolate bar). While opening the fridge’s door his New Year’s Master Plan falls, capturing his attention, Sam bends with effort (his big tummy is in the way) and collects it with extreme difficulty (in one hand he has the coke and the chocolate, and in the other one he is holding a cigarette). He then closes the fridge’s door using one of his feet while quickly checking the master plan; afterward with a sarcastic and bitter laugh he crumpled the list and throws it away.
He is laughing at himself for being so naïve and dreaming about changing anything of Who he is! There are things in life that can’t be changed and he is one of those lost cases… he does not have the power to transform Who he is. He has written the same dammed list for over ten years and so far he’s still in “square one”.
Writing down the plan is easy but making it a reality is where the challenge really lied. A very sad expression takes over his face while once again he recognizes the fact that if there are no changes in his life, it is because deep inside he is terrified of the unknown, of not knowing what to expect, or the probability of failing and realizing that after all, he is “good for nothing”. Hence, he rather stays where he is and follows the very wise advice of his grandma: “The devil you know is better that the angel you don’t know”.
So off he goes rushing towards the door, his routinely job and his dull life….

© 2009 Gabriela Abalo – Author

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mulomba hameja said...

This story provides lessons to all of us who make plans but fail to implement our them beacause of certain fears.

Garb, I think you could use this for one of your motivational speeches as an eye opener.Its good...........

mukuka said...

we as humans have a tendency to over look things that don't directly affect us right there and then. we always wait until it is too late to make that change. this article reminds us to commit to those little promises we make to ourselves but don't fulfill because their is no one to question us. but we constantly let ourselves down and it eventually affects our self esteem. nice article Gabriela, it gives us something to think about this coming year. rgds mukuka

Kass said...

This could be so many people's story, but hooray for the ones who inch toward change and become who they want to be - like you, I suspect. Happy Holidays. Thanks for the greeting.

Susan Deborah said...

A reality check this post is. I am glad that you hvae jolted us and at the same time forced us to have a conviction in whatever we decide.

Courage always,

Gabriela Abalo said...

@Hameja: so true, the need to feel safe is what kills any possibility of becoming who we want to be.

@Mukuka: we tend to excuse ourselves out of our own commitments as it is easier than implementing the changes. After all, who will question us if we do not comply?
Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment.

@Kass: sadly it is too many people story and sometimes mine too ;-) But we do always have the power to change that, as long as we accept that we are responsible for everything that happens to us.

@Susan: I did want to shake people out of their comfort zone, so this year the list is not just a list but a serious plan :)

loveNlight to all


Sherry Bakhtian said...

So true, we have such good intentions and then something comes along and we give up. Sad but so true, I hope I can finish the next year with the same excitement and enthusiasm as I start it!

Happy New Year dear Gabi!

Gabriela Abalo said...

It's the possibility of fulfilling a dream that makes life interesting ;-)

Thank you dear Sherry and keep the excitement!!


Bunda said...

“The devil you know is better that the angel you don’t know”. We've all use this saying once or twice and though it usually a good thing it can sometimes hurt us more then it helps. You're right Gabi, saying or writing something down is way easier than actually do it. The lesson I take from this story, don't just say it, DO IT!!!!!
Thanks Gabi and a happy, happy new year to you and YOUR master plan! :)

Gabriela Abalo said...

So true dear Bunda, if you want to change something, change it NOW, do not wait till New Year or any-other time.

Happy New Year to you 2!!! Have fun.