Wednesday, February 3, 2010


He notices her as soon as he enters the room, she is standing right and tall, looking straight into his eyes. In a matter of milliseconds a cold sweat covers his entire body, the awareness that there is no escape and no turning back overwhelms him.
There is no need for introductions, a look into her blue eyes is more than enough to get the answers to the questions he may have. Contrary to what he could have expected he is not afraid; she is completely different from what he has imagined. With acknowledgment Jonas leads himself to the armchair close to the window and seats. He is aware that he is failing to hide the sadness overwhelming him, so making a humongous effort he attempts a smile while raising his head to face her.

It is late for any type of regrets, there will be no more performances… his act is over. . Jonas can’t say he wasn’t expecting it, but despite the knowledge he stills had hope that maybe he had more time in his hands…. “I guess I was wrong” he says to himself.

Smiling, she slowly starts walking towards him, the halo surrounding her illuminates her way, fading all possible fears.
Jonas sees her coming to him and unconsciously starts reciting his mantra:

Moments that come and pass,
moments that will never be back.

Touching, heartrending, agonizing moments
Faithful, wonderful, graceful moments
Aggressive, emotive, apprehensive moments
Lively, lovely, joyfully moments

Each moment counts,
Each moment is an opportunity
Each moment could be the very last

Moments to be lived to the fullest,
with passion, enthusiasm and greatness

Moments that come and pass,
moments that will never be back.

Moments, that is all it is…

That is the poem he wrote three years ago, after receiving the news. Every morning he recited it after opening his eyes, every night he has recited it before closing his eyes, every day he made sure not to forget to live by it. It was his way of reminding himself to enjoy the simple things of life, to enjoy each and every moment no matter what… It was his life anthem!

She is getting closer and closer…

Jonas flashes back to the past… He was told he was going to die, that what he has did not have any treatment or cure, it was a question of months… maximum a year. As soon as he heard the news a new energy overtook him, it was his willpower (the one he has lost long ago), he wanted to live, he wanted to be happy and he wasn’t going to allow this problem to spoil the rest of his life, even if all what was left were two days. If he was going to kick the bucket he was going to do it while living life without any auto imposed restraint.

All he knew was that it could happen any time, so all he could do was to make sure that every moment of his life was worth living. He wasn’t going to start jumping from airplanes, nor go crocodile hunting, or saying I love you to everybody crossing his path (especially if it wasn’t true). His approach was different, all he wanted to do is to be fully present allowing himself to enjoy each moment as if it was his very last.

Since then, he allowed himself to feel and express each feeling with passion and enthusiasm; so if he has to cry, laugh, hate, love, be sad, happy, discontent or content with whatever moment he was facing he did it with joy. None could believe he was dying, his authentic well-being took everybody by surprise, none expected him to misbehave.
But Jonas couldn’t care less to explain, he was enjoying his life more than ever, somehow he was convinced that the diagnosis was a blessing in disguise, it brought awareness to him while reminding him that he wasn’t immortal.
It took some time for his family and friends to understand and join him on his joy for life, but they finally understood that he wasn’t giving up, on the contrary we was making the most of his moment and sharing it with all of them.

"After all, each moment counts, each moment is an opportunity, each moment could be the very last for any of us… and this is definitely my very last!" – Jonas says with a smile, while peacefully closing his eyes.

Death reaches him and gently bends to kiss him an eternal goodbye…

© 2010 Gabriela Abalo

Each moment is a place you've never been.
~Mark Strand


Anonymous said...


Each moment is indeed an opportunity.But look at the way we misuse these moments. we throw them out as if they did not mean anything. This story has beckoned me back to reality and to sieze moments or opportunities at the slightest glimpse.

Mulomba Hameja

Gabriela Abalo said...

Today is the greatest
Day I've ever known
Can't live for tomorrow,
Tomorrow's much too long....
~Billy Corgan

Thank you Hameja for stopping by. Live each moment fully present, no matter what!


Kass said...

Gabi, did you write this with blogger, Jonas in mind? Where do you come up with your story ideas? It's a nice story, but I'm a little confused why death would be giving him and eternal good-bye....? I thought death opened the door to the eternal 'hello.'....or is that the point? If death is bidding farewell, then Jonas is now aware his spirit lives forever?

Anyway, you made me think.

Gabriela Abalo said...

Kass, the name of the character is Jonas, but it could have been Peter, Alfred, Tom… I did not think in any person in particular.
My stories are inspired by the events happening around me, what I hear people talking about, what is being shown on the news or written about on the news papers. Then I put my observations together and write the story. I try to make them as realistic as possible, as I want the reader to identify himself with the character – like making him/her wear the character shoes and get to see the other side of the coin.
The eternal good-bye is for the Jonas that is living this life, since he will never be back as the same person.
For Jonas eternity isn’t important what matters is the present, living it to its fullest so even during his own moment of death he is full of life.
The main point is to show that we do not need to wait until something as drastic as facing death happens for us to start reacting and living.
Our life is full of moments is up to us to choose how to live them.

Thank you for all the questions Kass, I enjoyed answering them.


Anonymous said...

Me ha gustado Gabi, aunque es la hora de la muerte esta llena de vida. Es una muerte esperada pero que da tiempo suficiente a prepararte y a reaccionar. Por que solo reaccionamos ante la muerte en lugar de vivir a tope cada minuto?


Gabriela Abalo said...

Hola Ceci,
eso quise reflejar en la historia, una muerte llena de vida, un momento mas en su vida digno de ser vivido a pleno.
Yo creo que tendemos a pensar que somos inmortales, que la muerte llamara a otros y no a nosotros, por eso no vivimos a pleno. Esta historia va sobre eso, el recordar que cada momento de nuestra vida es importante, no importa cual sea el momento, tenemos que vivirlo a tope.

Tag said...

If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live, I wouldn't brood. I'd type a little faster.
Isaac Asimov

Thank you Dear Gabriela.

Gabriela Abalo said...

I like the quote from Asimov – thank Tag for sharing it.
This story is about living each moment as if it was the very last, because none of us really know when that moment will arrive.


Anonymous said...

Todo lo que escribes es un empujon a la reflexion seria y esta historia no se sale de ese marco.
Hoy decidi quedarme en Sri Lanka un par de semanas mas gracias a tu historia, disfrutare dos semanas mas de Camila mi nieta!!


Gabriela Abalo said...

Muchas gracias Rosa, me haces muy feliz con tu comentario, el que mis historias inspiren a los demás a vivir la vida con entusiasmo y espontáneamente es un sueño hecho realidad.
Disfruta de tu nieta y familia, disfruta cada momento al máximo!

Kass said...

Gabi - thanks for stopping by my blog again. It's been an exhausting week, but I finally got my mom moved into her new place. I'm still anxious because the food is horrible and we can't seem to control the heat in her apartment. It stays at 80 degrees no matter what we do.

Thanks for being there for me and caring. It means more than you know.

Garlandless Judy said...

What a beautiful soul your have to write such a touching story!

Gabriela Abalo said...

@Kass, keep strong, things will work out, everything will be fine.


Gabriela Abalo said...

Welcome to the blog Judy, and thank you for your encouraging comment.

"I write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what's burning inside me". ~Arthur Polotnik