Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Out there with my fishing gear,
ready to catch, grab and fish
all the chances without fear

Aware, attentive and ready,
to retort if needed.

Patiently waiting
and persevering
trying, chancing
breathing .

A common pursuit
A common dream
An individual attempt
An individual chase
An individual reward

Taking a moment
enjoying the flash
Becoming one
with time

Changing my colors like the sky

Flowing like the river
Settling down like the sun

Steadily and determined
paddling one on one
from end to end
chasing and chasing
until the end of time

© 2010 Gabriela Abalo

(all pictures taken from the Sundown at Lower Zambezi River – 2nd of May 2010 - Zambia)


Yvonne Osborne said...

I love your pictures, especially that one of the fishing pole, startling in it's simplicity. Makes me want to set sail. Go back to the pond and drop a line.

Tag said...

This is much better than any imaginary Australian adventure of mine. Beautiful country and beautiful words, but what it is it that you are trying to catch? You are of amazing talents.

Kass said...

Your fishing lines and lines of poetry are beautiful. Stunning images. You have a wonderful eye.

Gabriela Abalo said...

Glad to know you enjoyed the pictures, I took pleasure with the process of catching my feelings through the pictures and then the attempt to put into worlds with a simple poem.

Africa is a beautiful continent, so much to see, experience, catch and learn from…
I’m a chance catcher… that is what I do. Catching emotions, moments, experiences and then present it to others, for general enjoyment and pleasure.

Each moment is an opportunity… to discover, grow from, and fulfill ourselves… It’s just amazing how much we can get from a fishing trip or any other kind of “trip”. That is what I’m attempting to portray on this post, through pictures and a poem.


Tag said...

Chances are like fish. You should of seen the one that got away!

Anonymous said...

"Gabi, las fotos son espectaculares, inspiran paz y bienestar. Las palabras las justas.

Sigue dándonos momentos como este. "


Anonymous said...

i love love the photography! really. makes me miss that continent very much!


Wine and Words said...

I like you as a chance catcher! The images are beautiful. It takes 17 hours by plane to get to Africa from here. You brought it to me so much quicker! Waiting for the next experience passed through you!

Gabriela Abalo said...

I heard somewhere that a fish has a very short memory... they forget everything within seconds, that is why you can catch them again.. I think chances are like that too... so keep fishing!

me alegro que las fotos te inspiraran... esa era la intensión... so mission acomplished!! :)

Happy to know the pics brought nice memories to you!!

Here I'm ready to share whatever I can.
A chance catcher never gives up!
Happy to know you like the pics.


Sherry Bakhtian said...

Beautiful Gabi. Your words and photos touched me deeply, thanks for sharing.


Gabriela Abalo said...

Thank you Sherry for your encouraging words... I'm please to know I was able to capture some of Africa's beauty and positive energy through my pics and words and then shared it with all of you.
Nature is all the inspiration we need to keep moving and living to the fullest.


Jingle said...

love fishing poems,
this is so very divine,
beautiful imagery, matched with stunning words.
I am impressed.

RiikaInfinityy said...

Beautiful words and images:D I enjoyed the whole wonderful journey ^^~

It is great to have you linked in to Poetry Potluck @ Jingle Poetry!=D Do check out some of only wonderful poets' writings that were posted earlier on too, Cheers my friend!=D

Anonymous said...

With patience, comes reward too!! And what better example, than fishing!! This was just plain fantastic!!
Loved the comparisons and analogies.. wow!!

Thank you so much for sharing this poem with poetry potluck... we are delighted to have you here!