Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The pics on this post are part of the photos I’m taking for my photography course (the one I started two weeks ago). The set I’m presenting here were taken at the Parque Rodo, a very popular park located on the shore of Rio de la Plata in Montevideo. This park was built around 1900 and its main attraction is its permanent fair.
Through my pictures I’m trying to show a different perspective of the park, the things that usually go unnoticed… but to me they constitute a very important factor of the magic surrounding the park.
I’m experimenting as a photographer, I’m having fun, learning from others while making my own rules… the pictures may not be amazing but they are a true reflection of how I see things…

This is my exploring journey, my opportunity to leave my ego behind so I can fully enjoy the experience of unveiling the world from a different perspective.

All pictures were taken with a wide angle lens fixed at 18mm, which for me was (and still is) a big challenge, as I love to use my macro and zoom lenses. Using this lens forced me to come really close to my subjects and therefore become more attentive of what I really wanted to express through the picture.


I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.
~Albert Einstein

The dreaming frogs of the park. Which usually go unnoticed...

Bringing life to a stone dog...

When you really look you will see that everything is alive...

Stone feet... created to stand for eternity

A picture of a picture... and much more.

It looks as if Gardel wants to join us once again

I find that a great part of the information I have was acquired by
looking up something and finding something else on the way.
~Franklin P. Adams


Francisca said...

Would love to hear your thoughts about these photos as you experiment, what you were after, hoping to achieve... I like them all, but particularly the 3rd, where you captured the statues looking up at the plane at the sky - good angle! Also the one with you in the reflection capturing the man seemingly looking right at you. If Einstein can be humble, the rest of us surely must be. And the final quote is exactly what is going on with this blogging... :-)

Wine and Words said...

Oh Gabi - I think you're on to something. Very interesting shots actually...different. I like different. I am doing the same thing right now. A photography course. Trying to move beyond the point and shoot of auto focus. It is fun and I'm trying not to take it too seriously.


great shots, gabi - and i love your unique perspective with the camera - i remember the first time i used a digital - i really did not like it - and actually still would much prefer my old nikon f2 to anything else on the market now - in any event, wonderful that you are exploring and experimenting - enjoy!!!

Gabriela Abalo said...

Thank you Francisa for showing me the need to add some information about the pictures. Hope the introduction I have added explains what I was trying to achieve.
I’m glad to know you enjoyed the photos.

I like different too, and I’m really having lot of fun! Hope I can see some of your pictures soon.

exploring and experimenting is my thing ;) I'm having loads of fun.


Greyscale Territory said...

Each shot represents a creative perspective! But for me, the winner is the photo of feet! A story could emerge from this one!

Francisca said...

Oh, great, Gabi! What you've added is just perfect! The photos do stand alone, as they should, perhaps, as photos; but the backgrounder tells me about you, and I like that a lot. Enjoy your course... look forward to seeing more experiments.

standing on my head said...

how in the world did i miss this? i understand the challenge of learning a different lens-i just set the same challenge for myself!
you are obviously learning rapidly in this course.
i do like the next to last shot. who is he?

Gabriela Abalo said...

Thanks Lorraine, I'm really trying :)

No idea who is the guy, I just loved the expression so I took the shot ;) I was so immerse on taking pictures that I forgot to read the information on the picture I was photographing... not very good... next time it will not happen.


Ed Pilolla said...

your natural curiosity really comes through with these photos and thoughts.