Friday, August 27, 2010

Home, sweet home

Home, sweet home
All I ever dream for and beyond
Heart pounding, pulse rising
Contentment overwhelming the being

A sense of peace
The wonder of believing
that dreams do come true
The astonishment of seeing
that they really do

Once again I’m a small child
with wide open eyes
sparkling and shining like two stars
on the open sky of my happy face

A free spirit, a dreamer, a believer
Devoid of past and future
Honoring the present
Enjoying the magic jiffy
Counting blessings
Accepting the good

Home, sweet home
It is nice to be home

© Gabriela Abalo

Written for Magpie Tales – #29


ninotaziz said...

Oh Gabriela,
This is so inviting, lovely and nostalgic.
Thank you!

Stafford Ray said...

I know that feeling your poem brings it back vividly for me .
A note. I guess you meant to write 'like two stars' where you have written 'like two starts'. MSWord auto spell can do that to you. :-)

Carrie Burtt said...

Gabriela this is so charming and beautiful....the view through a childs heart and eyes. I love it! :-)

Tumblewords: said...

A wonderful feeling, it sings with comfort and love.

signed...bkm said...

Lovely and feeled with warmth and love...there is no place like home is there?...blessings..bkm

Brian Miller said...

we should all cling to the feelings of that child...nice warm magpie!

Lydia said...

The astonishment of seeing that they really do . . . how lovely this piece is!

You are so right in your appraisal of what being a child can be. Devoid of past and future . . .how true!

Greyscale Territory said...

A sweet and gentle wistfulness in this poem!

willow said...

I LOVE "enjoying the magic jiffy". Wonderful Maggie.

Francisca said...

Your poem really resonates with me, Gabriela. I think to a large extent I never stopped being that child. Lovely.

Kass said...

What a sweet Magpie. I love these lines: "open eyes
sparkling and shining like two stars
on the open sky of my happy face>'

kathew said...

yes- there's no place like home!

Linda said...

There really is no place like home, especially that of one's childhood. Nice magpie.

Paul C said...

Enjoying the magic jiffy...I love that line!

standing on my head said...

i really like the colors and shading of the photo-it feels like your poem, soft and welcoming.

Jingle said...

welcome attending Thursday Poets Rally.
thanks for the attention..

Jingle said...

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Happy Thursday!
Happy September!

Anonymous said...

very true... Home is the place which is the most beautiful... nice poem :D

Ed Pilolla said...

i like this a lot. you spun me around with magic jiffy. this is so lively.