Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yet, I asked…

Although I stopped believing long ago
To the Virgin Mary and her son I pleaded
Kneeling, I looked straight at their painting
With an open and confident heart

Aware that things do happen for a reason
Not so ready to accept what it is
Not so sure of my will to keep trying

I didn’t pray
I didn’t promise
But I asked…
Even though I was a nonbeliever

Childhood memories brought me back to them…
An urgent need to regain my faith
In life
In love
In the one I was
In the one I am

To this sacred place I came
Searching for the child I was
Devoid of labels or boundaries
That just trusted without asking why
That had faith no matter what

I had to be back home
Embracing and expressing the commotion within
To hug my inner child
To take back harmony  
To make peace with what it is

© Gabriela Abalo

Written for Magpie Tales – #45 - click the link to enjoy more wonderful contributions :)


Luis Gomez said...

Gabriela, thank you so much for this lovely words. Truly beautiful they deeply touched my heart.

Paul C said...

The yearning for completion is well expressed.

Kristen Haskell said...


That is absolutely beautiful and I could so easily relate to your writing. Merry Christmas.

Warmest wishes,

Helen said...

~ the longing to fill holes in our souls is universal. This is a lovely Magpie!

Lyn said...

The child with faith- guess that's where we want to be..very touching, so well done..

ds said...

Yes, that need to "regain" ourselves is so powerful, no matter what the means. Thank you for this lovely, heartfelt Magpie.

faith said...

May we all have such childlike faith!

Trulyfool said...


Official places meant for religious observance tend to stifle me.

But the sense of 'sacred place' I understand fully. I've known them -- an inexpressible sense of 'there' mattering.

And making me matter.


Jinksy said...

To make peace with what it is

Sensible attitude! :)

Greyscale Territory said...

Strange! We seem to be on the same thought train, seeking something within! Lovely piece of writing!

Jingle said...

honest and poetic,
lovely tale..
I share it wit you.

Tess Kincaid said...

"Searching for the child I was" reached out and grabbed me. Lovely, lovely post.

gautami tripathy said...

This touched me!!

a picture

Myrna R. said...

I can relate to going back to childhood beliefs and wanting them to have hope in them. This was lovely. It expresses a sentiment I often feel. Really nice.

ed pilolla said...

to make peace with what it is. to me, that's so engaging, that concept, making peace with something we might not be totally sure what exactly it is. it's like i've heard 'love god' my whole life. after so many years, i was like, how do i love something i can't quantify? i realize you're talking about your inner child, but that's the divine in us, as you so perfectly see.
awesome post.

Francisca said...

Lovely, Gabi.

moondustwriter said...

Love is a key component isnt it?
great expression


signed...bkm said...

returning to the child we were is sometimes a powerful thing...heartfelt write and that I can relate to...blessings...bkm

kathew said...

Lovely and loving words
Merry Christmas

Suz said...

truly you have captured the essence of faith
Beautiful magpie
a Blessed Christmas to you
where you find it

Carrie Burtt said...

This is beautiful Gabriela!

Tumblewords: said...

To make peace with what is - a deep and urgent thought. Nicely phrased and posed.

Anonymous said...

Its true... In the end we all walk back to our beliefs our hope... and thats when we have really started to look for ourselves...

RDJ said...

Gabriela i just Love your emotions you shared!
I love each n every image by you!