Friday, May 22, 2009

A question of choice

“Everything happens for a reason” That is a big truth! Everything, absolutely everything that occurs to us has an opportunity to grow. The choice is ours, with our response to it we choose the end result. We can choose to feel sorry for ourselves, behave with resentment and anger as a way of protecting ourselves from the injustices of the moment. We get annoyed with God, with the world, with our neighbor and with anything that cross our path. We ask ourselves a million times: Why me? Why am I so miserable?... this attitude affects our capacity to see the hidden truth, the unseen message, the lesson to be learnt, filling our spirit with bitterness. We are not able to see life with happiness, with passion, instead we see it as a battle to be fought continuously, with no rest. Therefore we truly believe on the myth that says that “happiness is only for the very few” and we are not one of the lucky ones! So we put down our heads with resignation, we put down our arms as a sign of sad acceptance and we continue through life afraid of dreaming or wishing upon a star.. because “dreams” are myths and they only bring resentment to our life… after all we need to be practical!!

But we can also look at the situation (problem) from the distance and ask ourselves: Why is this happening to me? And then respond to it guided by love and gratitude to the Universe for the opportunity being given. An opportunity that allows us to freely choose who we want to be, that allow us to create ourselves as we wish. An opportunity that test our ego, that eliminates our expectations and that allows us to accept things for what they are and therefore gaining from them.

To be aware that I’m my master and therefore fully responsible for everything that happens to me is all what is needed to reach the happiness usually considered unreachable!

Lets live every minute following our heart desires, creating ourselves continuously, without fears, without expectations, by simply allowing ourselves to “be” and embracing the rest for what “is”. When we are able to accept ourselves for who we really are we are then also able to accept others for who they really are instead of rejecting them because they are not as we expected.

When we embrace the freedom of “being” who we really want to be, we cannot fail to be happy. After all what can go wrong when we are the ones dictating the end result?

© 2009 Gabriela Abalo Author

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Hicham said...

Perfectly sculpurled insight for what we do with ourselves. What you said is simply the courage to try to understand ourselves and it's a long way to go!

Keep on this blog and welcome among mine's.