Thursday, May 28, 2009

Two unlucky men...

Alfredo is a miserable man, he looks at life with disappointment and bitterness. Life has not been fair to him. Despite all his efforts to progress he is still stuck in square one, economic success is a no go zone for him! All he has got is his lovely wife and their four children, but he has failed them, he has no money to make their life easier. He really envies Tomas for his successful life
Tomas is a sad and lonely man, he is very rich, has travelled the word and has 3 beautiful houses in 2 different countries, but he has none to share it with. People only see in him his wealth and not Tomas the person. He can’t trust people and does not know who his friends are. He really envies Alfredo’s beautiful family!
Both are unhappy, wishing for what they don’t have and blaming life for their luck, unaware that life is what they make of it!
© 2009 Gabriela Abalo Author

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