Monday, September 20, 2010

My rune

That distressing night
It wasn’t pretty light
But I still wanted to write
Many verses in spite
Raising my voice like a kite
And with all my might

I wrote my rune
To recite it to the moon
During the month of June
That was coming very soon
And needed to be in tune
With my upsetting afternoon

Looking at the stars
While hearing the guitars
I devoured all my chocolate bars
As if they could cure my scars

A tune to the moon
Written by the lagoon
A chant to the stars
To be played by sitars
A hymn to the night
calling for the light

© Gabriela Abalo

For Poetry Potluck


Jingle said...

A tune to the moon
Written by the lagoon
A chant to the stars
To be played by sitars
A hymn to the night
calling for the light

perfect rhyme,
love the pace and rhythm in it.

Jingle said...

how very tickling to have you write a piece especially fitting our theme,
very masterfully done,

everything about moon is so romantic, and you appear an expert in doing the moon poetry.

Gabriela Abalo said...

Thank you Jingle for your continuous support. I wrote this poem, trying to fit the theme, as a sign of appreciation for your kind encouragement.
I'm so glad you liked it!


Kirk Jusko said...

Great poem. I thought the mention of sitars was especially inspiring.

Tag said...

A hymn to the night...indeed.

Anonymous said...

I really liked this as well.
Just the thought that someone is listening to sitars makes me extremely happy.

Kass said...

A tune to moon while spooning in

- sounds pretty good to me, even if you were having an upsetting afternoon and difficult night.

signed...bkm said...

A tune to the Moon...delightful....bkm

Elisabeth said...

Great moon, great poem and that green lizard at the top and it's miniature moon eye, all wonderful. Thanks Gabriela.

Anonymous said...

wow! really thematic. nice!

RA said...

"I wrote my rune
To recite it to the moon"

I love the words, and I love the idea behind them. :)

Kavita said...

Holy Macaroni..this was gooooooddd!!!
Totally fell for those rhymes (I am sucker for them, by the way :))

Every stanza was just plain awesome!!!
What an ode to the moon! She must feel very honored to have write for her despite an annoying afternoon! :)

Thank you so much for sharing this sweet and witty poem with us at poetry potluck! This was totally cool!

Anonymous said...

This poem really conjures up an image. A pleasant read.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful use of rhyme, and that's no easy task sometimes. Well done, and a very nice addition to the Potluck :)

PS Your photography is just fantastic! :)

Jingle said...

awards for you...
Thanks for the support to our Monday Poetry Potluck..

linking is open for a minimum 11 hours,
old poems are welcome...
Happy Tuesday!

PattiKen said...

Love the rhyming and the images. And how could anything with chocolate not be good?

she said...

I love how you write with quick, catchy, rhymes. Very good.