Monday, June 28, 2010

Capturing Blue moments

A fan at a Rugby game - Cape Town - South Africa vs France - June 2010

Cape Town - a burnt ship - June 2010

Saturday Soccer - American School - Lusaka - Zambia - May 2010

Village girl - Lower Zambezi - Zambia - May 2010

Sunrise -Rio de la Plata - Montevideo Uruguay - Feb 2010

A zambian housefly - somewhere in my garden

At my kitchen - May 2009


Kass said...

What striking photos. I'm wondering how you combine color with black and white. I'm such a novice at photography and photoshop.

Gabriela Abalo said...

Thank you Kass.
I don't use Photoshop - it is something I still need to learn.
The only two pictures I touched are the one with the boll and the one with the girl - using one of the picasa options.
There is so much to be experienced in photography - I can't wait till I start the course this August :)



what incredibly beautiful images! i especially love the black/whites with the touches of color! absolutely superb! thanks so much for sharing - they are all truly remarkable - have a wonderful day - and thanks so much for coming by my places! i always look forward to your visits!

standing on my head said...

what a wonderful thread of color you've woven here, within the fabrics of everyday life.
what course are you taking? i'm thinking of doing the same.

Gabriela Abalo said...

Gypsywoman: thank for the compliments. I’m happy to know you enjoyed the pictures. Taking photos is like writing a story or a poem – the possibilities are many, we just need to let our soul to be…

Lorraine: I really appreciate your comments – you are a great photographer and I respect your opinion. For now I’m planning to do the basic one – so I can understand the ins and outs and then be able to be more creative. Then I’m thinking on doing a more advance one where I can learn about light and editing.
Do the course, I’m sure you will enjoy it every much and the rest of the world will have the chance to see the beautiful pics you take.


Ed Pilolla said...

beautiful blue. i dig that blue in the vase best of all, contained, and yet providing nourishment for life.

Tag said...

I agree with Ed on the vase. I like the lighting on the blue haired clown and the lack of light in the Montevideo photo. Standing seems to have a natural gift for using light in her photos. Watch how she positions herself or the subject to use the light to enhance detail and bring out highlights.
Good Job Gabi. You are really honing your many talents and growing by leaps and bounds these past few months. I'm envious and admiring.

RA said...

The Rio de la Plata took my breath away!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Beautiful blues and great shots for the theme. I love the sunrise in Uruguay it is stunning.

Sam Liu said...

Beautiful photographs, the vibrancy and atmosphere of each is a delight. My personal favourite was the one of the Rio de la Plata - simply stunning.

Brian Miller said...

nice. i was just going to say you should put this in theme thursday...smiles. the soccer pic, i like what you did with it...great selection.

Robert Lloyd said...

Loved the concept and loved the photos. You make me want to pursue photography by your pursuit...I fiddle often but never commit. I always thought of taking classes but then something comes up. I applaud you and the fact you are taking classes. Keep up the great work.

leenah said...

Oh my! Such striking Blues! :) Beautiful is the word!
Thanks for sharing Gabriela

Tom said...

all lovely shades!

PattiKen said...

I gather from the other comments that you took these photos yourself. I am so impressed! They are gorgeous.

Baino said...

Lovely peek into your world. Photography is a passion of mine also but I'm a bit behind the 8 ball of late. Love the idea of glass beads and lavendar, I have a stack of the stuff in the garden and since it's winter here, it's virtually the only flowering shrub available at the moment. Thanks for the hot tip!

Lesley said...

These are all such happy blues, well, except for the burnt ship!
The word verification is subparr - your photos are well above par, I would say!

Gabriela Abalo said...

Ed: My 13 years old daughter did the flower arrangement – I loved it, so I took the picture to capture her creation – This is one of my favorite pics… simple and full of life. ;)

Tag: I’m touched by your comments, observations and continuous support. Thank you my dear friend!
Let see if the course helps me to start taking better advantage of the light. I love Standing work, she is a maestro of the light.

RA: When I wake up every morning that is the first thing I do… open my window and get lost on the beauty of the Rio de la Plata river… my breath is taken away everyday… nature is such a beauty!

Poetic Shutterbug: welcome to the blog and thanks for the encouraging comments. I love sunrises, they give me hope and inspiration.

Sam: thanks for stopping by. I enjoy capturing life spontaneity, color and vibrancy… I’m glad you so that.

Brian: thanks, I’m planning to start the course this August – really looking forward to it. Get any camera and start playing with it, you will be amazed by your own creativity.

Leenah: the world is beautiful; all we need is to pay attention…

Tom: great observation
PattiKen: I took all the pictures posted on this blog (except for the ones posted with the Magpies). Thanks for your encouraging comment.

Baino: my daughter owns the idea; I will pass your thanks to her.

Lesley: I’m glad to know you enjoyed the happy blues. Welcome to the blog and thanks for stopping by.


Betsy said...

gorgeous! love the sunrise!

Sandra Leigh said...

All your photos are beautiful, but the vase made me want to visit your kitchen, because it looks so peaceful.

Monkey Man said...

There have been a number of photo based Theme Thursdays on Blue. I really love your creativity in highlighting the blue. Wonderful. My Theme Thursday is HERE .

Jingle said...

love the blue hair,
very beautiful collection of blues.

California Girl said...

Muy bonita fotografias!

Gladys said...


Gabriela Abalo said...

Betsy: thank you for stopping by. Happy to know you loved the sunrise at Rio de la Plata

Sandra: you are welcome to my kitchen any time… I love cooking, mixing spices, flavors, testing new things, experimenting, smelling the different odors… hmmmm “que rico!)

Monkey Man: I enjoyed your Blue post. Thanks for stopping by this blog.

Jingle: Thanks for stopping by. The blue hair is very cool ;)

California Girl: muchas gracias y bienvenida

Gladys: Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the pics.