Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In Transit

I have ran out of words
I have gone deep inside
I have surrendered
I have left expectations behind

Melancholy, nostalgia
Anxiety, uneasiness

Walking by unknown paths
Breathing unfamiliar aromas
Touching strange sites
Sensing odd mores

In transit
Impassive, alert
Attentive, conscientious
Trying to let go…

Setting free all despairs
Going with life tempo
Yielding to the momentum
In transit!

© 2010 Gabriela Abalo


Kay said...

yielding to momentum... yip. trivial little bugger...

sometimes it's better to run than walk, while others it's just better to stop.

Paulina Reibakas said...


leenah said...

Beautiful Gabriela. 'Yielding to the momentum' is definitely the key! Reminded me of Rumi's "Guest House".

I would really look forward to your kind visit at

You may notice a similarity of idea.

Tag said...

Inertia in thought and action applies as it does in physics. Once at rest it may be difficult o regain that momentum. I like the places your words are taking us. Good luck to you my friend.

Kass said...

Brave new world!
Brave new woman!
Love what you are doing.
So glad you are sharing with us.
I'm sure you'll take your love and light with you wherever you go.

Wine and Words said...

Aren't we transit. We cannot be stagnant, ever, as even our breath, when held, still beats our heart.

Gabriela Abalo said...

Kay: yielding is the key ;)

Pauli: muchas gracias – to tb TQMMM

Leenah: on my way to your blog to read Rumi – I love everything from Rumi

Tag: thank you for your good wishes – I guess this thing of trying to settle in isn’t a easy thing, but I’m trying my very best ;)

Kass: many plans on the menu – many good intentions on the oven – many things to do – but I’m trying to take a step at a time, embracing each moment.

W&W: to be alive is to be “in transit” but we are usually not very conscious about that and therefore we don’t freak out – This time I’m really feeling it – guess is due to the fact that the landing is taking time.


Wild Rose said...

Lovely blog Gabi and hello to Africa, was born in Kenya but leave in the U.S. Keep in touch~

Gabriela Abalo said...

Thank you Wild Rose and welcome to the blog.
My children were born in Nairobi - Kenya :)