Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ride like the wind

The wind is blowing, not to strong not to annoying, but constantly blowing and blowing, and while doing so, as it passes through my hair it whispers in my ear: “It is time to go…. go… go…”

The struggling sun is trying to push the clouds away, but they are resisting very hard. It is their time to reign and conquer the sky, thus fighting back to stay. As I keep walking slowly by the pathway, I silently witness greens bit by bit turning yellow and brown.

Dancing with the wind, leaves free themselves from the trees and like mischievous ballerinas they dance their way to the ground, where mother earth gives them a tender welcome.

A few stubborn flowers remain untouched by the obvious change, though struggling to keep alive they are not yet ready to fade away. The wind utterly tries to blow them away while the clouds hide the sun from them. Soon, very soon their wombs will be ready to nurture the soil, for next spring to blossom with joy.

The cold is getting into my bones; intuitively I hug myself attempting to warm up my body. With nostalgia I scrutinize the horizon, searching for clues and looking for answers, although I know the answers aren’t far away, but it’s still nice to play pretend every now and then.

The sun didn’t make it, since the clouds were very persuasive today on having a proper winter day. Regardless of the cold, the hollowing wind, the luck of sun and the solicitude of the landscape, it is still a beautiful winter day.

I keep walking feeling at peace and content while listening to the wind… it keeps telling me of new lands far, far away… of different people I shall meet… of chances and adventures I will not regret… of fairy tales I must take part in…

The wind of winter bewitched me; I shouldn’t have listened to it, for now I must go… riding with grace the wind of change.

© 2010 Gabriela Abalo


Kass said...

Movement, change, opportunities. It sounds exciting and full of promise.

I wish you all the best.

RA said...

A powerful message delivered with delicate words and gentle thoughts. Me like very much. :)

Kay said...

so eloquently put, this summer loving gal has twisted routes and remembers the fall/winter past with pleasure

Wine and Words said...

I picture you sitting on a rock or lawn chair, paper on your lap...pen clicking against your teeth, teasing words from chill. Beautiful.

Jonas said...

Ah, to ride the winds of change with grace...

If only I could master that.

Tag said...


Bunda said...



just magnificent! beautifully thought and said!!!

Ed Pilolla said...

i absolutely adore the intimate play with the wind. i consider the wind a friend myself, and a brat when it blows against me while i'm riding my bike uphill!

leenah said...

This is one lovely example of painting with words!
Gabriela, I just adored the way the words seemed to float over that bewitching wind, making their way to you.
And yes, I hope the wind of change enriches your world more than before..

Gabriela Abalo said...

Kass: Thank you for your good wishes. Here I’m riding the wind of change while trying not to freak out ;)
So far so good 

RA: I’m glad you like it very much  - My heart did the talking – I just typed the words.

Kay: for me winter is around – at the place I just left and at the place I just landed – change is coming with wind and winter – so many things to blow away, so many others to come on my way….

W&W: I love the way you pictured me… quite close to what it was ;)

Jonas: a difficult subject to master – riding with grace the winds of change – I don’t know why we are always afraid of that.

Tag: thank you very much my dear friend.

Bunda: nice to have you back – change is beautiful – it is up to us to embrace it without fear.

Gypsywoman: thank you for your tenderness.

Ed Pilolla: love what you said about the wind – a friend and a brat! I totally agree with that.

Leenah: thank you for your good wishes. I’m dancing with change, playing with the unknown, tiptoeing through transformation… and above all, allowing myself to have fun.

My apologies for taking so long to answer, but I’m going through a very busy time. Thank you all for standing by my side and giving me all your loveNlight from wherever you are.