Thursday, October 7, 2010


I am an eternal freak
The keeper of an everlasting mystery
Which is the secret of my vanishing grim?
Light or darkness makes a difference
Sometimes you see it
Sometimes you don’t

Games of your mind
Mirror of your emotions
I am me and I am you
A light hearted-woman
Or a Hermaphrodite?
To hold the enigma
Is my stigma

I am my master in disguise
If you really look you can see we are alike
I am not the mother
I am not the son
Since I am both and none

I am his masterpiece
His life companion
His mirror
Not his darkest secret
But his portrait of humankind

I am left and right
Masculine and feminine
Good and bad
The one with two faces
Who smiles and cries
At the same time

Yesterday, today and tomorrow
I am the world’s sorrow
I keep a mystery that none can borrow

I am Mona Lisa
So they say, so you say
I am La Gioconda
The one with the most famous, elegant smile
The entire world will ever talk about

© Gabriela Abalo


leenah. said...


You are playing with mystery here Gabi... and Oh! so charmingly!

And the mystery stays beautiful...

Francisca said...

You have a wonderful talent for writing meaningful poetry, Gabi. Superb!

Jingle said...

you keep us wonder or think...
smooth word flow.
it reads like walking in a secret garden.
simply amazing poetry.

Jingle said...

Welcome to Poets Rally,
your contribution adds favor to many other poets...
there are many poets new to you.
have fun reading!
Happy Thursday!

Carina Fosse said...

simple depth

Anonymous said...

This was beautiful and captured the essence of her mystery.
I loved reading this.

Peace to you,

Anonymous said...

loved the flow of the poem .. how you managed to mention almost all the things usually said about this painting ! Good job :)

Wine and Words said...

Nice poem Gabi. Mona would have been proud to be written so.

Anonymous said...

lovely take on Monalisa :D
shes an eternal charmer with that mysterious smile :D

Im here from Jingle's rally..
you can read my poem at

Leo said...

ah, i think Mona Lisa would have loved this ;) :) super poem for the rally, Gabriella!

Kristen Haskell said...

Lovely truly lovely.

lynda (echostains) said...

This is absolutely wonderful Gabriela! dark and mysterious1 i love;-
'to hold the enigma is my stigma' and the hermaphrodite allusion:) Going to add it to the Mona Lisa Poetry challenge page now - well done and thanks so much for contributing - appreciated!

Stafford Ray said...

A poem that touched all the sides, including "Sometimes you see it
Sometimes you don’t". Well, I don't. The 'look' to me is smug calculation but so many swoon over it there must be more there than I see. Then there is the background of winding roads and a bridge, water and craggy mountains. A riddle indeed!

Kay said...

very nicely done!

Lovely Annie said...

complete and whole unto herself! Perfect!

I'm impressed by this poem on sooooooo many levels! write on lovely !

Jingle said...

Glad you liked the Rally,
marked you down as done.
Thanks for everything!

Kirk Jusko said...

You've outdone Nat King Cole!

Loved that opening sentence.

Now I know the mystery of that smile. She read your poem before Leonardo painted her (yes, she lived centuries ago, but I think she was psychic)

2zpoint said...

do you think that she might have been up tp something mischievous?...All I'm saying is that she looks like she could have been...Kind of like she is afraid of giving something away.

Bing (PinkLady) said...

you have unveiled the mystery behind monalisa's smile. :D this is brilliant!

thanks for the lovely comment you left on my post. happy rally!

Someone Is Special said...

a lovely entry for Rally.. Mona Lisa Essence.. I loved each and every words penned down..

Fragrance of Friendship

Happy Rally

--Someone Is Special--

Anonymous said...

and she is grinning even more..

ds said...

You may have just unmasked her, though she'll never admit it. Love the way you handled this--"to hold the enigma/is my stigma." Very clever!

umapoems said...

Your poem for Mono Lisa is very well crafted

dhitzunako said...

Ah, Mona Lisa...
Her smile is captivating...
His identity remains as mystery...

Very clever piece you have here. :)
Happy rallying!

RA said...

Oh yes! I like this very much: the mix of obvious relism with hidden wisdom is a winner. :)
But I personally do prefer poems like Commonsense. It lingers with me... :)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think she is just having a ormal smile, but everyone who stares at it see just the reflection of their minds, exactly liek u puts it... lovely poem, intriuigng and beautiful :D

dasuntoucha said...

Very entertaining piece! (^_^)

Anonymous said...

I was a tad bit confused because I hadn't seen the picture, but I think I enjoyed it better that way. Finding it out in the end was a surprise. =)

Happy rally

Jingle said...

take the awards after you are done,

for Poets Rally, 3 poems can be submitted....

also, vote your favorite poets after you finish your initial 18 commenting....

Thanks a lot!
have fun!
ignore if you are done with all these.