Monday, October 18, 2010


One moment of pride
Unmasked the disgraceful lust
Releasing the auto imposed sloth
Impetus envy and gluttony were the driving force
Unleashing the wrath hidden within
Greedily buried and contained

I became an outcast
A skeptical sinner
Forever to walk on my own
Condemned to eternal damnation
Unless I repent

But I am just a human
Envious of the wind that can flow and be
Proud of who I am
Lusting for freedom
Sloth to follow the rules
Gluttonously enjoying each jiffy
Reacting with rage to the auto impose limits
Avariciously living

I am a human
An unleashed dreamer
Fully living

© Gabriela Abalo

This poem was inspired by Writer’s Island and Poetry Potluck prompting themes. Read more wonderful writers and poets by clicking on the links.

Poem also submitted to One Shot Wednesday - click on the provided link to enjoy more wonderful poets!


Kass said...

This is a totally new expression coming from you. Love the wild abandon.

OJ Gonzalez-Cazares said...

powerful twist! and as humans, we are entitled to feel a hurricane of emotions on daily basis (sometimes by the minute). Gracias Gabi!

Tag said...

hey, no fair using my description in your poetry. I get enough bad press anyway (just kidding). Loved this.

Short Poems said...

Your writing its beautiful :)
Loved your blog!

Anonymous said...

A poem truly unleashed. Bravo.
(Did you mean win or wind in stanza 3?)

Olivia said...

What a beautiful one Gabriela..!!
There's a smooth flow feel to the words.. well done.. xox

Anonymous said...

A great use of language here.

Wine and Words said...

Sounds like you are contemplating the seven deadly sins...Lust, greed, envy, gluttony...yet unleashed in the end.

Amity said...

creative use of words !

Jingle said...

I am a human
An unleashed dreamer
Fully living..

love the way you make it.
beautiful ending.
Thanks for the support.

Bernadine said...

Amazing poem. A portrait of a human, so deep and yet so true. In a state of awe through your entire poem, and then the last stanza - held spellbound. Wonderful!

TALON said...

Oh, you wrote of sin so beautifully! And those last three lines are a gorgeous expression of what it is to be human.

Anonymous said...

I loved the opening verse! Some powerful imagery here.

EG Wow said...

It's wonderful to feel alive and free! Beautiful words!

Myrna R. said...

It's great - the way you celebrate your humanity. Lovely poem!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed yr poem. Certainly got the deadly sins theme in there nicely! Good job


luke @ WordSalad

kathew said...

ah yes we are human with frailities...great poem!

Anonymous said...

But I am just a human
Envious of the wind that can flow and be
Proud of who I am
Lusting for freedom
Sloth to follow the rules
Gluttonously enjoying each jiffy
Reacting with rage to the auto impose limits
Avariciously living

Seems to me that this is about being alive and that God would be pleased!


Kirk Jusko said...

I've sometimes raved, but more often simply seethed, against auto-imposed limits all my life.

Great poem!

Kirk Jusko said...

I meant "raged", not "raved".

I think a typo is an auto-imposed limit all its' own

signed...bkm said...

love it how you understand your humanity in this piece --great write on this prompt and bravo on including all of the sins....blessings...bkm

Lyn said...

Amazing shift of energy..rules stretched and broken in the name of freedom..It's how we become ourselves!!

Wysteria x said...

Wonderfully written, great use of words and making the reader relate.


Brian Miller said...

i am human, hear me roar...nice...we are all a messy anyway when you really look at it...we can let that beat us up or free us...nice one shot!

tuberider said...

Great poem. Loved this:

"I am a human
An unleashed dreamer
Fully living"

The poem pretty sums up our state of nature & torment.

Timoteo said...

YES! Passion! Amazing poem! Bring on them deadly "sins!"

moondustwriter said...

Love the emphasis in this poem.
You are in charge you are on the quest to dream and live.

Nice One Shot

Just a reminder that we would love you to enter the One Stop Competition (ends oct 22).

Moon Smiles

Amanda said...

Amazing imagery you have created here...well done my friend x

Beachanny said...

Those who condemn with words may not realize their full connotations. You incorporated the deadly sins in such a virtuous context. Well done. Gay @beachanny

ninotaziz said...

A poem within

I am a human
An unleashed dreamer
Fully living

dustus said...

Keep on fully living! Inspiring poem.

Shashi said...

I liked it so much...Loved your words, "I am just a human" so apt ... thanks for sharing..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Belinda said...

Love the ending to this!

Anonymous said...

Great One Shot and I absolutely love the ending. Love and Light, Sender

Eric Alder said...

Nice One Shot, Gabi!

PattiKen said...

The words "I am human" say it all. We are the only species who really feel guilt, aren't we?

Very nice One Shot.

Pete Marshall said...

a great poem...but the ending smashed it..super writing..cheers pete

dan roberson said...

Love your freedom and and ability to rebel against rules. Unleashed dreamer, lusting for freedom, outcast, skeptical sinner, etc. Love your poem.